ha ha ha ha ha ha

I have a pic, and it make me laugh, I think the girl in pic is very navie, because she has a impossible dream,

To me, dream is future plans, this is reason, I has not impossible dreams

I has a friend but he is a star, I don’t want anybody know, he is my friend

I know star look very beautiful but if you look at a star at a distance nearly, I can see, it’s very normal or ugly and lonely, if you are normal person, you can not living on it

If you stand on a star, you can see earth is most beautiful

Now, you are living on the earth, why do want stand near a star

You should feel happy with my earth, I learn it by My Mom,

very very navie hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahhahahhahhaahaahahha


2 responses to this post.

  1. I have a boy in my dream, he is not a prince, he is walking on the road with many trees, he don’t laugh,
    I think he is realy crazy^^( Not normal, don’t want talk with me) I run to next him, and say: I am waiting for you
    The end, this is my dream


  2. “baby, please don’t leave me alone ” I don’t want say it with anybody but I must say it with my lover
    this is reason my mom hate him, because I love him more than he love me^^
    But I don’t know, Can I wait him? Because I will live in a pagoda when I completed my plans
    ( I don’t like Vietnam pop but I am listening a song: BOI ROI-DONG NHI, It’s a good song with good lyrics)


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