Who is ami?

Ami is my pseudonym,

My first school was a pagoda, I learned there  in the summer, If you want to learn at a pagoda, you must have new name,

Thich An Nhi is my name,^^

Thich is last name of the Buddha’s disciple

An Nhi=the children  living in peace, I like this name because my real name is Nhung. Nhi. Nhung. Nhi…ha ha ha

Ami in Amigo= friend but my readers often call me: Ami chan,  Ami san, or Amiko ^^, Children live in church call me: Amira=maria

Ami is good name,I like it

Ngo Bao Chau is aVietnamese mathematician, his blog is : Thichtoanhoc.wordpress.com

Thich Toan Hoc = Like mathematics ha ha ha He say he want become a Buddha’s disciple, fighting! “anh Trau” ( Vietnamese pupils like call him : “Trâu”

Anh= Mr

Châu = Pearl but Trâu=buffalo^^ ha ha


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